MORE About Me

Hi, I'm claire

My photography journey began in 2009 when I shot my first wedding. Since then, I've booked more than 350 weddings on my own and worked as a second shooter alongside talented industry friends. I've had the exceptional privilege of photographing weddings in South Africa, the United States of America, Australia, France, Scotland, Germany, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, and Angola. I love clear spaces, gentle light, and authentic interactions among people.

I'm proud to be part of an industry that allows me to grow my passion into a business. When I'm not working as a photographer, I'm usually at home, spending time with my cats, Lemon and Claude, working on home DIY projects, or enjoying coffee with a view in Cape Town or Stellenbosch.

I believe

that your wedding day is a deeply personal celebration of a relationship as unique as the two people who make it up. That's why I commit myself on each occasion to document as many of the real moments as possible. The big ones, as well as the smaller and sometimes unnoticed ones, make up a collection of memories for you to cherish for a lifetime. I recognize that your photography is one of the most significant investments of your day and a lasting reminder that will remain in your home and family for generations.

I operate an inclusive business and happily offer my services to all clients, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious views, culture, and ability. If you do not see a version of yourself represented on this website, it is simply because I have not yet had the opportunity to capture such images. Please know that I aspire to be a safe space for all my clients. If there is something I can do to better understand you or anything you consider important about yourself, your faith, and your culture, rest assured that I am open to being educated and furthering my understanding of what matters to you. Your beliefs and person will be respected.